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Where chicago film fans & Film Festivals come together

Chicagoland is home to over 40 film festivals that bring enriching and diverse arts programming all year long to Chicago neighborhoods and beyond. At ChicagoScreens.org, film fans can discover local film festivals and get alerts about screenings, events, and promotions.

ChicagoScreens.org is the home of the Chicago Alliance of Film Festival (CAFF), whose mission is to help Chicago-area film festivals add to the cultural and economic vitality of their communities through sector building efforts focused on: growing audiences, growing resources, and expanding expertise.

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Film festivals provide communal experiences that enrich audiences, uplift important storytellers, and provide a forum for important conversations.

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Chicagoscreens is the home of the Chicago Alliance of Film Festivals (CAFF)

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CAFF Members join a dedicated community of film industry professionals who are passionate about independent cinema, film exhibition, and the filmmakers and storytellers whose work we champion. Any organization, business, or individual whose work or interest touches on the film festival sector is welcome to join.

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